Welcome to the Akame Ga Kill! Wiki

Welcome to the Akame Ga Kill wiki!♥ This wiki is only about the anime, so no manga spoilers or something like that! There are anime spoilers but if you don't want that you should watch out. At this wiki you will find a lot of information about Akame Ga Kill, and maybe I will also have some topics about Akame Ga Kill Zero. This wiki is just for fun, I made it because I'm a huge fan of Akame Ga Kill! So it basically is a fan page. Ii'l write everything I know about Akame Ga Kill here, and you all can just read it whenever you want♥ (You may also help me). I hope you have fun here!

What is Akame Ga Kill about?

Akame Ga Kill is an anime made based on the manga from Takahiro, Akame Ga Kill! means: Akame Slashes! The series was released in Japan in 2014 but in the USA it was released in 2015. Akame Ga Kill itself is about a guy named Tatsumi and Tatsumi wants to help his city by going to the capital with his 2 friends, during that trip he loses his friends and meets two strange girls, Akame and Leone. These two girls are members of a group named Night Raid, Night Raid wants to create a revolution and after seeing Tatsumi's fighting skills Leone and Akame decide to ask him if he wants to join Night Raid. And so the adventure begins.

Tatsumi main image

Tatsumi, a main character.


You may notice that Sheele and Bulat are not on this picture but that's because they died so fast (I still love them tho).

Night raid by icrow17-d75fcm1

All members from Night Raid, from left-up to right-down these are their names: Mine, Akame, Lubbock, Leone, Chelsea, Tatsumi, Najenda and Susanoo


Night Raid



Look how kawaii they are.

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